Desi's Artwork

Desi loved buffalo and all things to do with the Old West!

The Indian paintings, the steer, the camel (camel!!!??? - don't ask me! *g*) and Scotty's and Fred's buffalos are all painted on canvas that is about 1.5 x 2.5 inches in size - so they are very tiny. The scans do not do the paintings justice, but you get the drift. :-)

Thank you to my buddy Rita for her help with the graphics.

All paintings 1999 Desmond Freedom Sky Rousselle.
All rights reserved.

Indian 1 - 1998

Indian 2 - 1998

Indian 3 - 1998

Indian 4 - note the Hudson's Bay Blanket type jacket -
Desi LOVED Hudson Bay blankets

Steer - 1997 I think

Camel - 1997

Buffalo - in Scotty's collection - Feb. 21/98

There is a bit of a story behind Scotty's buffalo. I was ALWAYS nagging Desi to do more to promote his artwork - to no avail, alas! Anyway, at one point I told him instead of paying rent at home he could just do some little paintings for me in exchange. This one for Scotty was one of them. *g*

I also sent one to Fred (TOC). But after Desi's accident Fred insisted he wanted his picture to be back with the rest of the collection, and sent it back to us. You didn't have to do that, Fred, but we were very moved and I want to acknowledge your kindness, and thank you. Besides, I am not brave enough to argue with a Scotsman! :-) Here is Fred's buffalo:

I had hoped to get Desi to do about 20 of them for me so I could send them to some of my internet buddies, but only managed to get 4 out of him - Scotty's, Fred's, and Maggie and Neil have the other two. Hopefully I can get scans of them one day.

The following paintings are 5" x 7" in size.

Buffalo Catch - 1997;
"Drawn evening of April 19/97 - painted evening of April 20/97"

Buffalo Head - 1996

Buffalo Skull - 1996

I have a bunch more to add. Stay tuned.

Desi was very interested in North American Indians and read a lot about them. I'm not sure of all the details, but apparently when the Indians were pissed off at the US Government and wanted to talk, they would fly the flag of the day upside down. If anyone has any further information on that, please write or send me a link. I'd appreciate it. Another thing he pointed out to us was that Rage Against The Machine used to hang the US flag upside down, too, at their concerts. Sure enough, you can see it in pictures. ... Anyway, to see the background picture (scanned from a large print Desi had) click the thumbnail: