Our Foster Child

July 5, 2008

We now have 3 foster children that we support through "Desi's Kids" (click on the link above. Thanks to a wonderful and caring group of people we are helping children in Third World countries. Please feel free to join us. Desi would be happy about this. When I get the new (desirousselle.com) web site sorted out better I'll add more about the foster children.


March 26, 2001

We now have a new foster child. His name is Nanthawat and he is also from Thailand. He is 7 years old, attends nursery school, and lives with his mother and father. He is another little cutie, and we are happy to be sponsoring him.


Here is a picture of him with his mother, Prakay:


November 4, 1999

We have received a letter from Arwut's father.  Here is a scan of it - and it looks like Arwut has been doing a bit of colouring. :-)

Arwut's father has written to us - I love the way Thai writing looks, it is very beautiful.  Here is a translation that was sent along:

Dear Sponsor,

I am Arwut's father. Arwut is still too young to write, so I do this instead.

How's the weather like now in Canada? Cold or Hot? Does it rain? In 
Thailand, it's cool because of rain.

Arwut is clever and has good memory. He's a good boy.

I hope to receive your letter soon.


Time to write to Arwut and his family.


* * * * *

September 1999

We would like to thank the many kind friends who gave us and the rest of the family so much support through this whole ordeal. Thank you for the cards, e-mail, phone calls, food, moral support and money to help with expenses. It was all very much appreciated. 

We especially want to mention The Ladies and Lads of Lallybroch (my huge online family), and the staff of Federal Express Canada, Vancouver offices (Rick's former co-workers), who took up collections of money; and Chris Rousselle and Dr. Duncan McPherson for their generous support of the family at such a desperate time. 

In his travels to Asia Desi became very aware that not everyone on the planet has as wonderful a life as we do here in Canada, and the rest of the more developed parts of the world.  He told us that he would some day like to adopt a child or children from a Third World country.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to use some of the money given to us to help someone else, and so we adopted a child for Desi, in his memory, through Foster Parents Plan of Canada.

His name is Arwut Bhoosingkhorn, born June 7, 1995. He lives with his family in Thailand.  Here is the information we received from FPP: 

"His religion is Buddhism. At the time of the interview your Foster Child's health was good. Arwut has received all of his inoculations and is participating in a growth monitoring program. Arwut does not presently attend school. He is too young but will begin school in 2000. Arwut can not yet write so his father writes for him. At home, the family speaks Thai.

Arwut.  Isn't he a little cutie!

"The family owns the house they live in. The house has 1 room. The roof is made of corrugated iron and the floor is made of bamboo. The walls are made of bamboo and at night they use electric lights. They prepare their food on a charcoal stove. The house has a toilet. The family collects water from a water system that is less than 100 meters from their home. They get rid of their garbage by burning it. Their home furnishings are meager and include: a mattress, a mat, a black and white television, a radio, a pillow, a mosquito net and a fan. The 150 square meter of land the house is on is owned by the family. The family does not own any farm land but they do not farm.

Arwut's family:
Sangar (dad), Arwut, Anubharp (brother)
Muan (mom) and Kuang (Grandma)

"The family members were in good health at the time of the interview. They did not report any serious illness of accidents in the past year. 

"The family eats 3 meals a day normally consisting of glutinous rice with fermented fish and wild vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tiny shrimps, snails, fish and frogs. 

"Arwut's parents are 33 years old and have completed the fourth grade."

As you can see, life can be a lot different in other parts of the world. We have a lot to be thankful for in our own rich lives, and we are happy to be able to do our small part in helping to make Arwut's family life just a little bit easier. 

And the best thing about it is that we know Desi would be proud and honoured to be a foster parent to Arwut. 

Thank you to all for your support. 

Judie, Rick and Tamara