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February 3, 2004: Tamara and Greg compiled a 23 song collection of Desi's music on a CD - it's called "The Music".

Click HERE for the front artwork, and HERE for the back.


March 16, 2001: Thank you to my buddy Greg White for all his hard work streaming the following songs, and the video. It's much appreciated, Greg. And I hope everyone enjoys them.

  February 19, 2000: Here is something that Rick found the other day in a box of Desi's tapes. Sort of like a little message he left for us, since we hadn't seen it before. Love the songs, too. Thanks, Des. ~ Love, Mom.
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After painting, Desi's second love was music.

 He wrote and recorded many songs over the last 10 years - here are three of them. All instruments were played by Desi and he did all his own recording.


Each song is in 28K streaming Real Audio Media OR mp3 format.
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Give It To You Real Audio 28K
I Was Free Real Audio 28K 
Song In My Heart Real Audio 28K 

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Give It To You Right click here 
I Was Free Right click here 
Song In My Heart Right click here 

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  Video of Desi and Elton singing, circa 1997 Click here

Please note - this will probably not work very well for you if you have a phone modem. Also, it is broken into three parts: part one works just fine; part two has very low volume right at the beginning for a minute or so; and part three works fine. If you want to skip from one to the other, you will notice little arrows in the top right-hand corner of the display window. They move you between the three parts. Hope you enjoy it.  

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Desi made about 30 4-track tapes between 1990 and 1998 so I will possibly add others in the future. I hope you enjoy them. 

All songs © 1999, Desmond Freedom Sky Rousselle. All rights reserved.